About the Founder: Heidi Li - Illuminating Pathways through Art and Service

Greetings from the brushstrokes ofmy journey! I am Heidi Li, a rising senior at Horace Mann School in the heart of Bronx, NY. From the earliest daubs of paint on paper at the age of 4, my voyage through art began. Yet, it wasn't until I discovered my unique artistic voice that I recognized the flame ofmy passion burning brightly.


When Art Met Adversity: Painting a Path of Resilience

As the world slipped into the shadows of the pandemic, so did my world. Quarantine distanced me from friends and family, leaving an artistic solace as my companion. It was within this cocoon that I not only honed my craft but unearthed a profound truth – art knows no bounds. It transcends isolation and speaks to the soul of humanity.

A Brushstroke of Inspiration: The Birth of the BEL Movement

In the summer of 2022, the BEL Movement was born. Rooted in the belief that Life is Beautiful, this movement radiates hope, love, and unity through the canvas of communal spaces. Collaborating with young artists, I painted BEL's message across Westchester's tapestry -- Asian-American Heritage Festival, the Greenville Community Church, the Larchmont Public Library and beyond.

Art as a Catalyst: From Canvas to Community Change

As my paintbrush danced, so did my vision. The BEL Canvas project wove threads of empathy across continents. The BEL Scarf Fundraiser, adorned with my designs, became a bridge to supply art materials for children in Uganda. But it was Scarf Fundraiser’s evolution into the Scarf Exchange Movement that truly resonated – empowering young souls battling leukemia to embrace their journey and kindle courage in others worldwide.

Painting the Future: A Canvas of Hope

My odyssey has only just begun. As I embark on the threshold of college, the BEL Movement stands not as a culmination, but as a prelude. My aspiration is simple: to embolden fellow students to wield their passions as instruments of change. Through college years and beyond, I envision BEL as a beacon, guiding hearts towards service through creativity.

Join the Canvas of Change

Let's paint tomorrow with hues of hope. Join me in sculpting a world where art intertwines with  empathy, where brushes are catalysts, and where every stroke creates ripples of impact. Together, we can turn the canvas of dreams into the masterpiece of reality.