What is BEL? Unleashing Artistic Power for Community Good!

Discover BEL: Where Art Meets Heart

Welcome to BEL (Back Enjoying Life),the vibrant heartbeat ofyoung artists committed to sparking change through creativity.We're not just an ordinary non-profit; we're a movement of passion-fueled high school artists on a mission to paint a brighter world.

Elevate, Empower, Engage: The BEL Essence

BEL isn't just an acronym;it's a symphony of boundless expressive luminescence.We're not confined by canvas or colors;we're liberated by our desire to serve. At BEL, we're more than creators;we're catalysts for community engagment and transformation in post-pandemic world.

Uniting Artists, Amplifying Impact

Imagine a collective of talented minds weaving their artistry into the fabric of community service.BEL bridges the gap between imagination and action, turning sketches into social change.Our brush strokes aren't just strokes; they're bridges connecting young artists to local communities. 

Small Acts, Big Differences

In a world as vast as the canvas we paint on, BEL shows that even the smallest act of kindness, rendered through art,can reverberate as a powerful force for good. Our projects forge connections,instill meaning,and forge lifelong bonds among both artists and the communities they touch.

Join us in illuminating lives,one stroke at a time.Become part of the BEL community,where art transcends boundaries and propels change. Let's create art that doesn't just hang on walls, but engraves its message on hearts.

Together, we are BEL.Embrace the art of making a difference.